Technology for Good

Our mission is to make education equitable and accessible for persons with disabilities through the use of modern technology.

NIMAS Master is a service that helps academic publishers, schools, colleges, universities and other educational institutions create, validate and publish Accessible Instructional Materials in very specialized digital formats for disabled students.

NIMAS Master is used by leading academic publishers in USA and Europe and we are proud that our work has helped hundreds of thousands of differently abled students.

NIMAS Master is a product developed and owned by while technology is provided by

Company & Assets

We build businesses that leverage technology and apply commercial strategies to social challenges.

Founded in 2005, Digital Media Initiatives has grown to become a leading digital-publishing company. Over the years we have worked on e-publishing, assistive materials and educational technology platforms. We have a series of web based services and applications:

  1. DMI – Publisher workflow solutions (DMIEPUB)
  2. ePubNow! – Online single source multiple format publishing system (EPUBNOW)
  3. Digital Media Reserve – Adobe DRM repository of secured eBooks
  4. Antrik - eBooks Retail System
  5. ONIX Master – ONIX for Books implementation
  6. NIMAS Master – NIMAS/ NIMAC and Accessible Education specific division
  7. BookCode Corp. – Frontend sales system

Our Philosophy

A tiny company with a mighty character.

The contemporary world faces a radical crisis today. Inequality, poverty, environmental degradation, human rights abuse, global warming, unsustainable resource depletion, illiteracy, lack of access to education, woefully inadequate health care and brutal conflicts continue to plague the world in undiminished ways.

Human suffering and ecological damage have reached unprecedented and terrifying levels. This is the world that our children will inherit from us. It is in such times and circumstances that something new must come.

Our present crisis is a calling and it is for each one of us to respond. We urgently need a new story and a new way to live. We must stand up to existing paradigms and champion new approaches to life. Most of all we need a new way to do business that is based upon our shared human values, our inter-dependence and unity. Bodhi Project is such a business.

Our Values



Ours is a small, close-knit and formidable team with expertise in the domains of technology, design, teaching, marketing, finance, management and core banking.

We have extensive technical experience and are able to resolve complex issues in the context of accessible formats (NIMAS, DAISY, DTB, Braille) and other digital instructional materials (EPUB, KINDLE, EDUPUB, SCORM, IMS QTI, Learning Objects, E-Learning or Next Generation Digital Integrated Learning Systems).

BrijeshFounder and Director

MangalData Design

PranavDesign Engineer