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Saturday, January 6th 2018

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NIMAS Master is a seamless, managed, end-to-end Accessible Educational Materials (AEM) production service that offers production and conversion of:

  • NIMAS Fileset for NIMAC Repository: NIMAS, MathML
  • Accessible Educational Materials: DAISY-DTB, Print Braille, Digital Braille
  • Digital Instructional Materials: EPUB 3, EPUB 3 with MathML, EDUPUB
  • Mobile and Web Apps: Extremely capable interactive apps (Android, iOS and Web) for Personalized Learning

We support digital learning to address:

#Digital Instructional Materials

We offer a vast range of options to produce your digital educational materials. We produce a number of formats to address the needs of students and teachers in a teaching-learning ecosystem.

#Effective Use of Technology

We offer tools to effectively transform data into useful information in multiple educational formats. We are well-versed with the SETDA guidelines for implementing digital learning and effective use of technology in school systems and offer a range of tools and services to educators and publishers.

Please contact us to discuss more about your requirements. We appreciate a typical sample of your instructional materials sent to us for a review and an accurate estimate of pricing.

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Published on Saturday, January 6th 2018 (10 months ago).