WCAG Compliance Services

We work with you to ensure your products are usable by people with disabilities and meet the ADA, WCAG 2.0 and Section 508 standards.


Risk Assessment & Audits

A risk review provides a fast, cost-effective way to quickly assess your current state of accessibility compliance with the Section 508, ADA and the WCAG 2.0 accessibility guidelines. A vulnerability assessment identifies accessibility risks and opportunities within each of these areas to help you identify and prioritize accessibility issues and requirements within your organization.

Remediation Support

We ensures your PDF documents meet today’s leading accessibility standards, such as Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 Level AA, PDF/UA. Our process ensures all documents are accurately tagged for the end user. Our goal is to provide a consistent, fully accessible document that accurately conveys all relevant information. We also work around your source documents - Adobe InDesign, Microsoft Office, OpenOffice Writer, and HTML to align with your accessibility goals.


Testing and updating your digitized documents, like PDFs, is something often overlooked. These documents must also be compliant with accessibility guidelines, and we can help.

How do you conduct a risk assessment?

We assess your products’ risk factors by:

  • Evaluating a sample of pages from your product
  • Analyzing the results to gain an overview of the state of product accessibility
  • Determining next steps required for compliance
  • Developing an overall plan, which might include a detailed accessibility audit, phased development, training, follow-up reviews, and an estimate of the approximate level of effort required.

What are your risk assessment deliverables?

The risk assessment report will document the level of effort needed to achieve accessibility compliance and provide you with a clear plan, tailored to your company and products, to reach that goal, including:

  • A high-level overview of your current level of accessibility
  • List of critical accessibility issues and risks
  • The size and scope of implementing compliance along
  • Roadmap on how to achieve accessibility compliance
  • Estimated costs for a full accessibility audit or remediation
  • Ways to build a business case for accessibility

How do you make PDF documents accessible?

PDF documents can present some special problems for accessibility but a variety of techniques are available, either in the original authoring tool or in Adobe tools, for ensuring accessibility.

A document that passes the Adobe full accessibility check could still be difficult for a person with disabilities to use and might not meet accessibility guidelines and best practices. We go beyond the automated check to look at the following:

  • Content order for reflow and testing at 200% magnification with reflow
  • Tag structure for content reading order
  • Appropriate use of document structure in tags
  • Appropriate handling of images and their alternative text
  • Correct and appropriate tagging and labeling of form fields, and correct tab order in forms
  • Proper tagging of links, lists and tables to ensure proper reading of content for screen reader users
  • Verify that no content splits between tags to allow easier navigation for assistive technology users

Pricing Guide

We offer competitive pricing for conversion of your instructional materials into multiple types of accessible formats. The pricing is based upon various parameters listed below —

Source Files Format

  • PDF (Text-based)
  • PDF (Scanned/ Image-based)
  • Printed Books
  • Adobe InDesign

Accessible Output Format

  • NIMAS with MathML
  • Large Print

Content Elements

  • Language: English/ Spanish
  • Images
  • Tables
  • Text Boxes/ Side Bars
  • Footnotes/ Endnotes
  • Cross-references/ Links
  • External Links
  • Total Pages
  • Scientific Notations
  • Mathematical Expressions & Equations

Quality Par Excellence

9 out of 10 clients come back to us with more work for a reason. Expertise, care to detail and professionalism matter deeply to us and our clients recognise it in us. Some reviews —

Why Us?

Our offerings are carefully designed to meet the requirements of today's edu-tech markets. We enable you to meet, and in many cases exceed, the strictest regulations. We deliver the fundamental benefits of workflow automation that can unlock new business innovation, market-wide cost savings and material risk reduction.

Competitive Pricing

We offer competitive pricing without compromising on our service quality. Needs of our clients are our top priority.

Extensive Technical Experience

We have an extensive technical experience and are able to resolve complex technical issues with respect to the accessible formats (NIMAS, DAISY, DTB, Braille) and other digital instructional materials (EPUB, KINDLE, EDUPUB, SCORM, IMS QTI, Learning Objects). Our technical team is able to guide you through the entire pathway of digital learning.

Warranty and Support

Just in case, if there are any revisions required to fulfil the requirements for the NIMAC certification, we undertake such revisions as may be desired by NIMAC.

Quality Assurance and Validation

We have a robust system of NIMAS processing and quality assurance, revision management, automated validation process before NIMAS files are finally validated against the NIMAC validator.

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We have an immense experience in the educational publishing space. We have devised innovative solutions to accessible educational publishing, thus, addressing disabilities, curriculum & assessment alignment to competencies & learning standards, and leveraging technology for an equitable quality education. Please contact us to discuss more about your requirements. We appreciate a typical sample of your instructional materials sent to us for a review and an accurate estimate of pricing.