Seamless, managed, end-to-end Accessible Educational Materials (AEM)
production service.

What is NIMAS Master?

A seamless, managed, end-to-end Accessible Educational Materials (AEM) production service that offers production and conversion of:

  1. NIMAS Fileset for NIMAC Repository: NIMAS, MathML
  2. Accessible Educational Materials: DAISY-DTB, Print Braille, Digital Braille
  3. Digital Instructional Materials: EPUB 3, EPUB 3 with MathML, EDUPUB
  4. Mobile and Web Apps: Extremely capable interactive apps (Android, iOS and Web) for Personalized Learning

Why use it?

NIMAS Master takes care of the entire NIMAS-NIMAC process for you.

From conversion of your print files to NIMAS format, quality assurance, fileset validation, preparation of title metadata, upload to the NIMAC portal and revision management till your title has been certified by NIMAC — we got you covered.

Who uses it?

NIMAS Master is used by academic publishers and non-governmental organizations in the USA. We are proud that our work has helped hundreds of thousands of differently abled students. Our clients include:

Book published as of 2/12/2018, 12:09 67,950 with about 19,026,000 pages
by about 4,000 authors.
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What does it do?

Publishers, colleges and universities have benefitted from our robust, end-to-end services:


Publish Accessible Instructional Materials in NIMAS Format on the NIMAC portal.


Convert scientific notations and mathematical expressions and complex equations to MathML XML and Spoken Maths descriptors for the visually disabled.


Curate DAISY/ Digital Talking Book from NIMAS XML and other formats.


Produce Print Braille and Digital Braille from various source formats.


Obtain integrated robust and scalable Apps (iOS, Android, Web) to manage your digital educational needs.


Seek trusted partnership with friendly and dependable technology team with an impeccable reputation.

We made NIMAS Master so that education could be more equitable and accessible.

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NIMAS Master is a simple and minimal but comprehensive service for publishers that enables them to convert academic textbooks into Accessible Instructional Materials for visually disabled students.

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